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What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus Explained Tinnitus (pronounced “tin-it-tus”) is an abnormal noise in the ear.  It is extremely common – nearly 36 million Americans have tinnitus.  More than half of the normal population has intermittent tinnitus.  About 6% of the general population has what they consider to be “severe” tinnitus.   Tinnitus may be in both ears or […]

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Dining Out With a Hearing Loss

One of the more challenging listening situations for individuals with a hearing loss is trying to communicate in a restaurant.  Even the most elegant restaurants tend to be on the noisy side.  Numerous conversations are going on all around you, dishes and silverware are constantly clanging and music is playing in the background.  And being […]

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Hunters and Hearing Loss

Hunting season is in full swing in many areas. Among the many safety precautions that should be taken by hunters, protecting your hearing should be somewhere near the top of the list.  Exposure to sounds greater than 85 dB can permanently damage your hearing.  The damage is dependent on the amount of time exposed to […]

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Why Your Hearing Aid Doesn’t Work and How to Fix the Problem

The Top Reasons Your Hearing Aid Doesn’t Work and How to Fix the Problem The primary complaint – The hearing aid appears to be dead (no sound out) Reason Number 1 Cause: Dead, weak, or wrong type of battery Test: Substitute new battery Remedy: Battery replaced Reason Number 2 Cause: Battery reversed in battery compartment so […]

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