Atlanta Children's Hearing Loss

As parents, the last thing we ever want is for our children to suffer. If you have detected hearing loss in your child, you must take immediate action. Our language and communication skills develop most rapidly during childhood, especially before the age of three. When hearing loss occurs in children and goes undetected, children are delayed in developing these language and communication skills.

Atlanta children hearing loss experts can help to detect hearing loss in your child and prevent further hearing loss. Hearing loss experts can also provide your child with a plan to treat or manage his or her hearing problems.

Signs of hearing loss in children:

  • Does not respond consistently to sounds or to his or her name
  • Asks for words to be repeated or answers with “huh?” or “what?”
  • Developing speech is delayed or his or her speech is unclear
  • Has to turn up the volume on the TV or other technological devices in order to hear

If your child has displayed any of these signs it may be time to seek an Atlanta children’s hearing loss expert. The experts at the Atlanta Hearing Institute are dedicated to providing professional children’s hearing loss care. Our physicians will work side by side with our Doctors of Audiology to provide your child with a full diagnostic audiologic examination in order to develop a correct diagnosis of your child’s hearing problems. Our hearing loss experts will then design a comprehensive hearing loss treatment and management program for your child, working with other experts in the community when appropriate to ensure your child receives all of the services he or she requires.

At The Atlanta Hearing Institute we understand that hearing loss in children can be very scary for a parent. We will work side by side with you and your child to correct their hearing loss and restore their quality of life.