Atlanta Hearing Aid

Deciding which type of hearing aid is right for you is a decision you simply cannot make alone. The expert Doctors of Audiology at The Atlanta Hearing Institute are dedicated to providing the latest and most effective treatments for their patients’ hearing problems. By conducting state-of-the-art hearing evaluations, our Doctors of Audiology can determine the nature of your hearing loss. If it is determined that a hearing aid is the best option for you, the Doctors of Audiology at The Atlanta Hearing Institute will assess your communication needs and recommend technology that meets those demands. We understand that hearing loss is individual, affecting people differently. We will recommend hearing aids that fit your budget, needs and lifestyle. If you are seeking hearing aids in Atlanta, put your trust in The Atlanta Hearing Institute.

Recognizing the unique needs of each patient who requires hearing aids to manage their hearing loss and communication demands, the Atlanta Hearing Institute offers a wide range of hearing technologies from Oticon and Phonak. Some Phonak hearing aids such as the Nano are completely unseen, placed deep in the ear canal. The Naída Q offers excellent moisture management and durability for active patients with severe to profound hearing losses with high power demands. The Audeo Q and Virto instruments can eliminate wind noise up to 40 mph, automatically focus on a single voice during conversations in extremely noisy environments, and utilize Sound Relax for extreme comfort, even in the loudest of acoustic environments. Through Oticon, we offer Alta with YouMatic Sound and the Personalization Process to help each client reach the highest level of overall satisfaction with their hearing device fitting experience. All of our Oticon and Phonak hearing aid offerings can be customized with wireless devices like your cell phone or TV through Bluetooth accessories, keeping you hands free and connected with the technology you use every day.

At The Atlanta Hearing Institute a Doctor of Audiology will demonstrate to you appropriate hearing technologies. That way, you can hear for yourself and compare first-hand the different types of hearing aids and assistive technologies that are available to you. When looking for hearing aids in Atlanta trust your ears to The Atlanta Hearing Institute, dedicated to providing patients with the highest level of care.

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