Atlanta Hearing Specialist

When you inform your doctor of your current hearing problems, from ringing in the ear to dizziness, he or she will recommend that you visit an Atlanta hearing specialist. This is because Atlanta hearing specialists are experts in providing the latest and most effective treatments for your hearing problems. Atlanta hearing doctors can provide diagnostic audiologic examinations to determine the correct diagnosis of your hearing problems. After determining your diagnosis, your Atlanta hearing specialist can then create a unique hearing loss treatment utilizing the latest technology, assistive devices and communication skills.

If you are looking for an Atlanta hearing specialist that can provide you with the hearing care you need, look no further than The Atlanta Hearing Institute. The hearing specialists of The Atlanta Hearing Institute are dedicated to professional hearing care and to providing their patients with the best hearing treatment possible.

Our Atlanta hearing specialists are led by Dr. Danko Cerenko, former Director of the Emory Ear Center, in providing the latest and most effective hearing treatments for a full range of hearing problems and hearing solutions.

A hearing specialist will assess your communication needs and recommend technology that meets those demands. We love working with patients of all ages. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.