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You may know someone who is suffering from hearing loss. They may deny it, but you can see them struggle. Hearing Aids could help their life and you can help them understand the benefits of hearing aids. Read more

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If you’ve never been to an audiologist or have had your hearing check before, you may be anxious about coming in. Not to worry, we’ll determine your level of hearing loss and if hearing aids will help. Read more

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If you’d like to learn more about how the ear works and allows you to hear, we have a library of information. Wondering how exactly hearing aids can improve your hearing? We cover that too. Read more

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We would like to thank you for considering us for your hearing healthcare needs and hearing aid purchase. See what offers on hearing aids or hearing aid accessories we may have right now. Read more

About us

We provide state-of-the-art hearing health services and offer solutions customized to every patient’s individual communication needs. If you feel your hearing is not what it used to be, we encourage you to come in for a hearing evaluation. Not every patient is a candidate for hearing aids and we understand that. We take pride in our hearing aid recommendations and hold up to our professional reputation. Our audiologists approach patient care with understanding and compassion. We develop a custom tailored hearing treatment plan based on the outcome of the patient’s hearing evaluation, history and day to day hearing needs. Patients are able to make informed decisions about hearing aids and recommended treatments.

Atlanta Hearing Institute strives to ensure that our patients receive the care and help they need. Whether it is inquiring about hearing aids, a tinnitus solution or a hearing evaluation, your hearing is unique to you and our treatment options for a known hearing loss is customized to you. We can help determine if you have a hearing loss, discuss what this means, and explore the different treatment options available including one of the many state-of-the-art hearing aids available or even some alternatives. Give us a call today and schedule your consultative appointment with one of our expert audiologists! Through our affiliation with ENT of Georgia South, we have a professional staff of not only audiologists, but physicians and specialists of the Ear, Nose and Throat as well as Snoring and Allergies. Patients are welcomed into our healthcare ecosystem with the comfort of knowing our staff and referrals are tightly integrated for optimal hearing healthcare. This allows us to identify hearing loss much more accurately and even identify potentially severe issues that may be causing your hearing loss. Rather than simply treating each patient with hearing aids, we confirm that a hearing aid is the proper treatment for your unique hearing loss. Your hearing loss could be a symptom of another condition and our team is trained to identity these conditions to ensure a full level of hearing health and not just hearing aids.

Reviews On Our Hearing Services

Our hearing healthcare patients have some kind words to say about us. We strive to ensure each patient, whether they see us specifically for hearing aids or want to get to the bottom of their hearing loss, is satisfied and empowered with a greater understanding of their self. Read What They’ve Said Here

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We provide hearing healthcare and hearing aids in the Atlanta Georgia area. With 3 great locations for your convenience. If you’re located in the heart of Atlanta, our Buckhead location would be perfect for you. If you’re in southern Atlanta or just outside of Atlanta, our Fayetteville and Stockbridge locations would be convenient. No matter which location is closest to you, know that they all have professional audiologists and physicians staffed, and what’s most important is you taking a step towards improving your hearing loss.
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