A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Hearing Aids

types of hearing aids Are you struggling with hearing problems or hearing loss? If so, you’re not alone! 15% of Americans aged 18 and over and 1.4 million children aged 18 and below report some trouble hearing. Hearing problems are a common problem that can be easily addressed with the help of hearing aids. So what are hearing aids? … Continued

3 Pediatric Hearing Loss Types All Parents Should Know

hearing loss types As a parent, it can be scary to know that around two or three children out of every 1,000 are born with some level of hearing loss. Even mild hearing loss can lead to developmental problems or delays. Identifying a hearing deficit in your child early is crucial and leads to better outcomes. Think your … Continued

Here’s Why You Should Consider an Earwax Extraction

earwax extraction The human body is an amazing thing. So amazing, in fact, that we can often overlook certain aspects of our health because our body often runs so effectively. One of the main things that people tend to overlook is the health of their ears.  If their eyesight starts to go out, it’s easy to notice … Continued

5 Distinct Symptoms of Hearing Impairment in Children

hearing impairment Approximately 1.4 million children aged 18 and below have hearing problems in the United States. These problems can occur due to infections during pregnancy, birth complications, ototoxic medications, brain disorder, family history and genetic syndromes. As a parent, it’s your obligation to monitor your kid’s health as they grow. Identifying a hearing problem early enough … Continued