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Get the gift of better hearing this holiday season. Whether you’re spending time with loved ones, catching up with old friends, or skiing in the mountains, don’t let hearing loss hold you back.

Would You Benefit from a Hearing Consultation?

Below is a list of 10 signs that you or someone you love are in need of a hearing test.  These signs/scenarios are written from the perspective of the individual with the hearing problem.

1.  You watch TV alone.  Either the volume is too high for everyone else or you can’t hear the TV show at a level that’s comfortable for everyone else.

2.  You and your significant other argue over what he/she told you because you didn’t hear him/her and didn’t want to say what again.

3.  And on that note, you use the phrases, “excuse me”, “can you repeat that”, “what did you say”, or “huh” several times a day.

4.  Dinner with the family isn’t as much fun as it used to be.  Everyone is talking all at once and you can’t understand what anyone is saying.

5.  You stopped playing cards because everyone around the table was mumbling and you were missing too much.

6.  Small children are a real problem.  Their soft, squeaky voices are impossible for you to hear.

7.  You try not to answer the phone because you’re having a hard time hearing on the phone.  In fact you’ve embraced the idea of texting!

8. You plan your nights out based on how loud it might be at your destination.

9.  New experiences that you would’ve jumped at 5 years ago no longer hold the same appeal. Usually it’s because “new” involves new people and new people are harder for you to understand than old people.

10.  You really aren’t hearing the ___________ (fill in the blank)

  • turn signal
  • doorbell
  • ticking watch
  • leaves rustling
The conventional wisdom is that if you recognize yourself in 3 or more of the above scenarios then it’s time to get your hearing checked.  In reality recognizing yourself in just one of these scenarios should concern you enough to warrant calling our office for a hearing test.

Life doesn’t have a replay button.  If you don’t hear it the first time you may never hear it again.

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